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Directory Builder

Directory Builder comes in two versions. The version depends on the version of Microsoft Word that is installed, 32-bit or 64-bit.  If Word is not installed, choose the 32-bit version. Choose the version of Directory Builder to download according to the following:

32-bit Windows and 32-bit Word    32-bit Directory Builder

64-bit Windows and 32-bit Word    
32-bit Directory Builder

64-bit Windows and 64-bit Word    64-bit Directory Builder

You can also download the help file separately to see how the program works. You may have to reset the properties to be able to open the file. If the help file will not load then right-click the .chm file in Windows Explorer, select Properties, and click the Unblock button.

Program Description

Directory Builder is a program to assist districts in building the district part of the state directory. The program takes Excel file inputs to create a Microsoft Word 2007 or later document. While Word is not required to be installed on the computer running this program, it is necessary to have Word 2007 or above to read and edit the output.


Excel worksheet of district membership. This file has many fields in it which can be downloaded from the MyLCI website. See the program help files for a complete list of fields and instructions to download the file.

Excel worksheet of club officers. This file is also downloaded from MyLCI. The program help file has instructions for downloading the file.

Excel worksheet of past district and international officers. This file must be created locally by the user. It includes all living past district governors, past council chairs, current and past international officers.

These worksheets can be in a single Excel Workbook or in individual workbooks.


Depending on user choice, the output consists of the detailed directory portion of the district directory, the clubs portion of the district directory or both portions. The format is that which was used in the 2014-2015 MD-12 State Directory.

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